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With us you will have the opportunity to receive professional advice from proven professionals in their fields.

The center offers face-to-face and online consultation for families.

Preparation of an individual program for work at home

Consulting specialists from educational institutions for structuring and adapting the environment

Organizing training with a practical focus for parents and specialists

Consultant and supervisor of the center is Anna Dincheva - special pedagogue and sensory therapist SIAT / Sensory Integration Ayres therapy / ®


Professor Dr. Violeta Boyanova

​Occupational Therapy Consultant - Anna Dincheva

Occupational Therapist - 

Psychologist / ABA Therapy

Behavioral Therapist - Georgi Georgiev


Speech therapist - 

You can make an appointment for a consultation or request additional information by contacting us at the indicated telephone numbers or writing to us.


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