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Driven by the love for our kids

S&A kids is a Bulgarian manufacturer of occupational therapy aids.
For the last 7 years S&A kids has gained a lot of knowledge and experience in working with children with special needs. Our personal experience has shown that one of the main therapies that support the development of these children is occupational therapy. It can help children who have difficulties with coordination, learning and attention, focusing and organizing an activity, helps with difficulties with activities that require fine and gross motor skills. It can also help children who have difficulty controlling their own activities and behaviors and / or find it difficult to integrate the various stimuli coming from the environment and much more.

In order for an occupational therapist to be successful and to help these children, it is very important to use a variety of methods and especially aids. Unfortunately, these means, which are expressed in ergo swings, board balance, heavy vests, heavy gloves, heavy suits, balls, and many others are scarce and difficult to find on the Bulgarian market and have to be imported at very high prices and this in turn, it makes them inaccessible and forces occupational therapists to work with low-quality products and not so diverse, and accordingly this reflects on the effect and slows down the rehabilitation of children.
The cause of S and A kids is to help occupational therapists successfully apply their therapies. For this purpose, we have taken on the difficult task of producing high-quality aids, such as heavy vests, ergo swings, as well as the entire range mentioned above at affordable prices.

The first vests are already used by therapists working in various public schools and centers.

We guarantee high quality workmanship, vests are created under the control of occupational therapists and fully cover the requirements for weights and quality of material and safety standards. They are available in all sizes and we are able to fulfill customer specific orders.

Following this idea, the S&A Kids children's training center was founded. Our aim is to provide our special Heroes with what they need, namely the right diagnosis and the right therapy, in a suitable environment for them. The team of S&A kids has the best specialists in their fields, with many years of experience, proven in time with their professional qualities.

The center offers the following services:

-Consultation with Prof. Dr. Violeta Boyanova;
-Consultation - Occupational therapy with Anna Dincheva;
-Occupational therapy with Melitsa Rosanova - works with children with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and children with other special educational needs;
-ABA therapy (behavioral therapy);
-Speech therapist and trainings.

We have a fully equipped occupational therapy room, sensory room with 3D real effect and speech therapy rooms.


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