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Professor Dr. Violeta Boyanova

Professor Dr. Violeta Boyanova is a doctor who has been working for many years in this interesting field of human knowledge - the development of children and adolescents. Lecturer in the "Department of Health and Social Work" at NBU. Founder of the bachelor's and master's programs in speech therapy at the University, founder of the Center for Therapy of Communicative and Emotional-Behavioral Disorders in Childhood at the same university. Founder of the Association of Bulgarian Speech Therapists and Phoniatrics.


Author of "From the symptom to the diagnosis in speech therapy practice", co-author of "Hyperactivity and attention deficit or what to do with the uncontrollable child", "Diagnostic album", "Diagnosis and therapy of generalized developmental disorders" and others. There are 165 publications on topics related to the peculiarities of problem development, diagnosis and therapy.


She is currently working as a consultant in various centers for children with developmental problems. She works in the field of:
-basic principles of the diagnostic process in the practice of a wide range of specialists - psychologists, speech therapists, special pedagogues, occupational therapists, etc .;
-modern methods for operationalization of assessment in various cognitive deficits and their place in complex diagnostics and individualized methods of therapy;
-markers for differentiation of the separate communicative and emotional-behavioral disorders and basic principles of the complex therapeutic work;
-study of brain lateralization and its connection with developmental disorders;
-the role of the genetic factor for the occurrence of developmental disorders.


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