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​ Terms And Conditions For Replacement And Return Of Goods by Online Order Through The S&A Kids Site

1. The customer has the right to refuse to receive the application for the purchase of goods without requiring compensation or penalty and without stating a reason for refusal.

1.1 The customer has the right to request replacement of the size or item included in his original order within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. In this case it is necessary:

- to make a replacement of the size or item appearing in his original order.


 2. The customer has the right within 14 days without requiring compensation or penalty and without giving a reason to return the received items.

Transport costs for return and exchange with a customer's account, except in cases when:
- the error occurred as a result of our faults;

2.1. The address for returning the goods is: Sofia 1612, 107 Tsar Boris III Blvd. Online store. The conversion is allowed under the following conditions:

2.1.1. The request for return of the goods is submitted in writing to the e-mail address indicated by "S&A Kids" EOOD for correspondence within 14 days, as of the data for receiving an order. The application must contain: the three names of the customer / account holder, contact phone number, personal bank account of the customer, which must be refunded the amount paid by the customer for the goods.

2.1.2. The goods must NOT be used to be in good commercial condition, with original packaging, with original labels, accompanied by original documents issued by "S&A Kids" Ltd. - invoice and warranty card (if issued).

2.1.3. When returning the goods must be packed in an envelope of the relevant courier company or other health polyethylene packaging, which must be added to the return documents (cargo, etc.). On the original packaging of the goods - box or plate of the product, no glued materials, tape, traders and the like should be added, which would violate the integrity and commercial appearance of the original packaging !!!

2.1.4 When the return of the product is at the expense of "S&A Kids" EOOD, this is mandatory with the courier company SPEEDY or ECONT, and NOT with the courier chosen by the customer.


3.2. Replacement options:
• Replacement for the same item model (different number, color, etc.).
• Exchange for another item of the same value or higher (as the customer pays the difference).
• Refund of the amount paid in the form of a voucher (GIFT CARD).

4. Refund

4.1. Refund of amounts paid by card.
- If it is necessary to return payment by card amounts for services agreed and performed by us, this will be done by us through a credit transaction by card, with which payment is made after additional information, which must not be provided in writing.

- If for some reason the return on the card is not successful, the customer will be required to provide an additional bank account in his name, where the amount will be refunded.


5. Deadline for refund, card payment or cash on delivery.


The refund period is up to 15 days

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