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Georgi Georgiev

Georgi Georgiev graduated in Psychology from NBU in 2008, and as a Master of Speech Therapy in 2010. He worked for over 10 years at the "Center for Language and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders".

His interests are focused on:


  • early prevention and difficulty speaking

  • language and speech retardation in early childhood

  • articulatory and language disorders

  • difficulties in the formation of oral motor skills and nutritional mechanisms

  • features  in sensory integration and psychomotor development

  • ADHD, RAS, emotional and behavioral manifestations

Lecture training with practical orientation - ABA Applied Behavior Analysis - with applied lecturer Deena Singer, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), LMSW, BCBA, LMSW


Lecture training: "Sensory integration - SIAT" with lecturer Kristiane Kull Sadacharam, postgrad.USC-USA, SI
Turning Problem Behavior Into Effective Communication


Training in "Sensory Integration and presentation of Global Training Method


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