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Many times, occupational therapists use a vestibular swing, which can help children adapt to movement and their spatial relationship to their environment. This type of therapy can help children with autism with balance and can make children stick to a therapeutic program based on a vestibular rocking moment, as it is more of a game than a therapy. This allows children to have better control and understanding of bodies and can have a relaxing effect, while allowing them to raise their awareness simply by swinging. To further enhance each therapy session, the use of a sensory sheath can use deep pressure therapy. This can have a calming effect on children with autism, as their bodies secrete the hormone dopamine, which calms their nervous system.


Abdominal swing for sensory therapy. The textile is made of 100% cotton.  Lasts up to 120  kg. 


Included set of six ropes and carabiners for suspension  on the swing.




Sensory wrap for vestibular swing

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